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The Natives Are Getting Restless

If you love the public library, you may want to give a gander. I'm all for tightening the strings, but my gut tells me a 50% cut to public library funding goes too far. And my gut is the one that came up with putting chocolate chip cookies on grilled cheese sandwiches, so you should listen. Ohio has 6 days to sound off on this issue. The link will tell you how to write a form letter or find a demonstration. For the couch-activists, you can just join the Facebook group or tweet a tweet.


Just did some heavy reading (well, heavy for me), as rx'd by Crossfit. Check out Cargo Cults of Melanesia.

I want to complain about the subtitle. "These cults typify the impact of Christendom on premodern society." I would change it to:

...the impact of CHRISTIANS WITH MODERN GOODS on premodern society.

Or even drop the Christian thing altogether. The "cargo", in it's many forms, is the key. Without the cargo the natives don't buy what the missionaries are selling, and they definitely don't turn their worldview upside down. If there were atheist missionaries (there aren't...wait, are there?), the article would have read much the same. The major difference being that the natives would weave atheist beliefs into their own beliefs.

I suppose in this scenario millenarian/end-of-the-world activity would be avoidable. But at some point, the premodern culture is going to want that cargo. Maybe they'll barter for it. Maybe they'll fight for it. Same song, different lyrics.

Perhaps I've rambled my way into a coherent point:

This article suggests that when Christan missionaries are supplied a fertile field among members of a premodern society, the salient contribution to that society is a belief in a forthcoming apocalypse.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Emily and I were in Panera waiting for our food when this happened...

Guy walks up to the counter and stares at the display with his mouth open. He points to a bin full of bagels with a big sign that says "French Toast."

Guy: Are those french toast bagels?

Poor Cashier Girl: Yes

Guy: What do they taste like?

PCG: (confused, but very polite) Uh, french toast. And bagel.

Guy: (long pause) I'll take a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.

I was chuckling at his questions, then laughing out loud when he didn't order the french toast bagel. What was he hoping she would say? They taste like pancakes? Blueberry bagels? Seared tuna?

This also reminds me of the time I was at Blockbuster and the lady in front of me said to the cashier, "I'm looking for this movie...Will Smith is in it...he plays a black guy."

Oooh, I haven't seen that one.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Talking TV

Anybody watch So You Think You Can Dance? or Top Chef? I need to talk about these shows.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Fine Monday To You

Last week, as I drove around Cleveland listening to talk radio, I noticed two hot topics in the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court nomination.

Swallow the Whistle
Some pundits were quick to hammer Sotomayor's "wise Latina" remarks, in which she sort of hinted that her gender and ethnicity would help her reach better judicial decisions than a white man. Assuming those statements were not taken out of context, the lady deserves some heat. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and assume she will favor minorities beyond the normal scope of the law. Let's definitely not call her a "racist". Bottom line, is she a good judge or not? Show me the legal opinion in which she clearly butchered the law and stuck it to the white man. Then her comments will be infinitely more interesting.

No Bonus Points
On the other hand, let's not start patting each other's backs just because she is a Puerto Rican woman. Again, is she the right legal mind for the job or not? If she is in fact up to the task-and the Senate gets to decide that for us-then I suppose it is better to see some minorities represented among The Supremes.

While we're here, let's take the idea of diversity in a slightly different direction. David Fram points out that Sotomayor will make 8 of 9 justices who have little or no experience in business law. You think that might come in handy as legislators try to steer us out of the economic poop? I would add that The Supremes all went to the same schools and had the same teachers. I'd like to see some diversity of legal background.

On a Lighter Note...
Some people just have no shame.

Friday, June 5, 2009

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Bring on the wit and sarcasm.

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Sweet Links

Looking for hastily conceived legal opinions? Scroll backwards through the blog and you should see a bevy of seemingly new posts, outlining my current understanding of The Law.

For the recovering music majors...
This guy spends 20 minutes explaining to normal people why they should be listening to classical music. It's strangely riveting.

For the new and soon-to-be parents out there...
Your kid may be smarter than mine. Your kid will likely be taller than mine. But my kid is going to know how to throw a spear. And a well thrown spear can make all the difference.

For the Crossfitters...
Melissa Byers makes me laugh. OL!

For the lovers of peaceful, ethereal music...
A nice Sigur Ros video. Speaking of strangely riveting: people from Iceland.

For the lovers of oldtime...
If you like this you should hear J & E cover it. We blow it out!

Enjoy your weekend. Go Cavs.

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